Adopt a Pet.  Be Active.  Smile.

Adopt a Pet.  Be Active.  Smile.

Our Mission

I have slowed down on writing books and following bike-related events to focus on our new life with Cub, my owner, and my adopted brother CHOMPS, as we continue to have adventures, we are now running a business aimed at giving people an experience they will remember forever.  CHOMPS and I do more guarding than paddling, but to each their own and we enjoy the sunny days ahead.

We love to make people smile!

CHOMPS and I are adopted and we are lucky to have CUB who is active in life and in purposeful causes.  Go out and do something for you and then go do something you believe in.

About Us

Simply put, our mission on this site is to bring awareness to great organizations and causes, including, Trips for Kids, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundations, etc., and to bring smiles to people's faces.


We have slowed down our book writing and have settled into a new venture as kayak, stand-up paddleboard tour guides and outfitter.  Our business is located at the beautiful San Simeon Bay (W.R. Hearst Memorial State Beach) and are the only company allowed to do tours and rentals off state beaches in Cambria and San Simeon (California).

It's Awareness