Kayay Biz

SMILE today.

Our 4 books we've released are still available on Amazon.com.  Adventures of the Great Chiweenie, Around the Hood, Coasting Along and Sea For Yourself.

August 8th, CUB gives all money made that day in honor of his mother, to MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation)...please reserve and join us.

Go and make someone smile today...even if its just you!

Adopt a Pet.  Be Active.  Smile.


We don't go out on tours very often...Cub says we are a little too high maintenance for that, but on a warm day we sometimes go for a kayak or SUP paddle.

We have slowed down our book writing escapades, but continue to have our own unique adventures.  Myself (GU, aka the Great Chiweenie), CHOMPS and owner CUB are working most days at our new venture...www.kayakcambria.com.